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Spa Therapy

Body Scrub*                                                            $75.00 for 60 min
Leave dry skin behind! A sugar body scrub, hot towel treatment, and a moisturizing lotion application.  With this exfoliating and hydrating treatment, your skin will be left moisturized and smooth.

Body Detox wrap*                                             $115.00 for 90 min
Receive a body scrub along with a detoxifying body mask to draw out impurities and nourish your skin.

Heated relaxation therapy                            $58.00 for 45 min    $75.00 for 60 min
Using heat to help the muscles relax, this treatment is heaven for those who love warmth and relaxation. As the heat relieves tension in the back, a foot and leg massage is received. This is followed by a slow rhythmic lotion application. A 60 min treatment includes a scalp and neck massage as well.  

PediKarma                                                            $78.00 for 60 min     
An Ayurvedic based foot treatment using Ayurvedic reflexology to stimulate healing and balance. The treatment begins with smoothing the rough spots on the feet, followed by an aromatic foot bath. A hand massage is received as your feet soak and then a foot scrub. A detoxing mask is applied and while you sit, a neck and head massage will loosen up your upper body.  A reflexology marma-point foot massage follows and then a massage with the Kansa Wand, the small metal bowl is said to “relax and energetically rebalance the entire mind-body system,” according to creators Robert and Melanie Sachs. The whole body is stimulated with this treatment leaving you feeling balanced and feeling light on our feet.  

Spa-asana                                                 $110.00 for 90 min
This unique treatment combines relaxation yoga, Thai Stretch, and massage of the extremities (hands, feet and head).  This treatment ends with a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), This treatment is totally enlightening from the head to the toes!